The Butterfly Process

Metamorphosis doesn't happen by itself. The real change takes time, effort and motivation! You need a plan and a supportive system as well as the "proper" environment to change yourself and your life! This is what you will do at the Metamorphosis Centre in the frame of the Butterfly project.

During this 8 week process, I will take you through a journey through the seven energy centres, teaching you the principal bioenergetic exercises, but also using methods such as, story telling, breathing techniques and sharing... In that way, we will explore our qualities, believes, attachments, energy blocks and we will release and realise old patterns in order to transform and emerge as whole and healed being, full of compassion, love and understanding. In union with ourselves and the others within the Cosmos.

What does "Metamorphosis" mean. It is a process that helps us become what we are meant to be, to manifest our core (coming from the heart) desires, and the calling of our true essence, so as to become one with the whole.

Connected in this joyful journey, we will remember that we are limitless beings, with unlimited potential ready to experience the total dimensions of ourselves.

Our "Butterfly project & process" will begin on the 24th of February 2018. It will take place at the Metamorphosis Centre, between 16:00 p. m. and 20:00 p. m. Please fill in the contact form here in order to register or ask for info.


The Metamorphosis Centre