Do what you love now!

This seminar will take place at the Metamorphosis Centre. It will be co-hosted and organised by both Prem Sukhi and Alexandra Basantpal Argyriadou. Alexandra is a Kundalini yoga teacher. For those who are interested in reading more about Alexandra, you may check this link out.

You are the the artist. You are the creator of your life.
An artist is taking care of his tools, his pencils, his brushes...

He is choοsing consciously the materials he is going to use in order for his talents to bloom, in order to allow himself/herself to express freely experiencing love, pleasure joy and fulfilment.

Through body and breath exercises, meditation dance and laughter in this playful and safe space and environment, we will balance our masculine and feminine sides, the negative and the positive, the yin and the yang, we will get rid of old patterns and blocks that prevent us from our birthright, which is happiness, joy, abundance and freedom.

The seminar will start at 18:00 p.m. sharp and end at 21:00. Those of you interested in booking you sit, should use the contact form in the "Contact" session of the present website.

The participants are kindly requested to arrive at least half an hour before the official beginning of the seminar.


Metamorphosis Centre