Expression through Arts

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I systematically organise special ateliers and workshops both within the Metamorphosis Centre premises as well as in other organised spaces when in collaboration with a third entity, dedicated to both adults and children of all ages. I believe that Arts do not know any kind of border, and I really do believe in encouraging self-expression through art. I don't think that it is necessary to define "Arts"; I include in the category all artistic manifestations, be it drawing, sketching, painting etc.

I could also call this service "Arts and Crafts" since it includes a very wide range of activities: from the choice of the materials that we will work with, to the initiation to some artistic techniques, without forgetting the part about taking risks and NOT being conventional in the realisation of our work so as to learn to think and be out of the box!

After all, the essence of art is expressing oneself. “When children are very young, they may start making marks on walls and other places parents don’t appreciate. Early art education helps them learn to make their mark on the world in ways that people will appreciate,” says Dr. Kerry Freedman, Head of Art and Design Education at Northern Illinois University. “They learn that they can actually have an impact on the world through the visual arts.”

In group or individually I draft a custom programme according to what people need to work on. 

I have worked with specialised institutions, such as those in charge of children with special needs, precisely on that: the mapping and definition of their needs, as well as the conception of an adapted programme and its implementation on a daily basis. 

I love working with schools and educational institutions -outside the Metamorphosis Centre- on this topic and I am available for discussing such collaborations. 

Re-member: this experience is not focused on the outer creations, but on getting on touch with the hidden, forgotten longing inside us all.

The beauty of this process is the inner growth, thus, it is overlapping the painting. Whatever is being manifested in us, is bound to Reveal the qualities of our inner world.