Tantric Sexuality

Tantric sexuality service picture

The transformative power of sexual energy is something that we cultivate and develop step by step within the protected space of the Metamorphosis Centre.

A couple in need of enhancing their relationship as well as sexual pleasure, has to experience tantric sex. A deep intimate contact can be reached and even created, by practicing breath exercises and various techniques, which will also deepen the connection between the couple.

Together, we will learn how to open our hearts, being more loving, and closer to each other. During my sessions, you will become able to trust your body and love it. I guide couples to use breath as a tool, in order to get great sensual pleasure and a sense of “dissolving into each other”. The aim is for you to grasp this energy by experiencing it through natural ways.

There is no exhaustive list of such ways, but nonetheless the following do constitute a solid basis to begin working with:

  • We connect to the orgasmic body,
  • We awake our vital energy,
  • We point out the keys of authentic intimacy,
  • We explore our senses and sexuality,
  • We balance male and female energy,
  • We recognise the projections in the world and in our relationships - which we all naturally do,
  • We pick up how to not waste ourselves.

Most people are usually suppressing this otherwise natural energy. This oppression brings the energy to the head, resulting in a suppression of “real feelings”. This is precisely what we will UNLEARN together.

Through tantra you will cease being just another man or woman, you will become a God or a Goddess.