- Diaries -

I have returned to Havana two months after my previous crazy adventure. I'm full of presents. It's the least I can do to show my gratitude to those amazing people who helped me last time when I was hanging out with no money and no passport.

Of course I live with them again.

I have terrible aversion to hotels anyway.

Due to work I have spent half of my life in impersonal and abstract rooms...

The ambiance is festive.

They welcome me with a lot of joy.

Another chance for fiesta...

The whole neighborhood's been up all over again.

- Adventures -

The unbearable relativity of time.

We have finally reached the Strawberry Hills.

It's the base camp to climb to the top of the Blue Mountains.

Yes, that’s where the famous coffee grows.

Dusted all over, we discover that there is a water shortage in those days.

- Shapes -
  1. Never be angry both at the same time.
  2. Never scream at each other unless the house is on fire.
  3. Look at each other's desires as an exercise in self-discipline if you can't think of a better reason.
  4. If you have the option to make yourself or your partner look good, choose your partner.
  5. If you feel you have to criticize, do it with love.
  6. Never remind mistakes from the past.
  7. Neglect the whole world, but not each other.
  8. Never let a day go by without at least saying a compliment to your life partner.
  9. Never meet
- Adventures -

Since I was a kid I had a special connection with elephants. Seeing these magnificent animals in the circus was making me uncomfortable sad and uneasy.

So here I am with RJ in Luang Prabang in Northern Laos and we discover an elephant camp where they train people how to be Mahouts. The money will be given for the preservation of the elephants.

I feel thrilled.

We arrive in a magical place in the jungle and the training begins.

First we have to do classes to learn the signs and how to communicate with them.

- Adventures -

I am with RJ in Ciudad Bolivar (the old Agostura).

The atmosphere smells of gunpowder in Venezuela. Groups of young people fall into the shops looting. The shutters of the shops are closed with the customers inside for safety.

Time for the next part.

I want to go to Angel's fall.

I've always been fascinated by water.

We rent with two others a five-seater plane. The door is loose and closed with a wire.

Looks like I'm flying with Goofy.

It's fun.

We land in Canaima.